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About Us: Waste Management & Junk Removal Services.

Located at the Fresno area, American Pick-up Artist Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated junk removal company. Our services are based upon our wish to serve our community and give access to the Fresno residents to comprehensive and reliable waste management solutions.

As a local company, we are truly in sync with our community’s needs. Because of this, we dedicate our work to safeguarding our community and maintaining a clean environment for every client in residential or commercial properties.

Operating as a licensed and insured company, our commitment to our community is renewed every day and so is the quality of our work. We strive to be our client’s top choice..

Our Procedure Is Clean: We Recycle Junk!

Every action we do has an impact on our ecosystem. We want to secure your satisfaction and well-being. We do this through recycling.

Adequate disposal is our main concern in any job we perform. Our efforts go beyond removing the junk out of your property. We make sure to put a security seal on our services by recycling junk when we dispose of it.

If the trash we removed from your property can still contaminate your surroundings, your property isn’t really clean. Through recycling, we find a proper place where your trash can end up after removal and ensure it won’t cause any more harm.

Everyone can benefit from recycling. When you call APA Junk Removal you can stay confident that it won’t affect you or the community anymore. Our responsibility transcends from a single person.

We lead the way to a greener Fresno. If you want to be a part of a more eco-friendly lifestyle, we recommend our waste management and recycling services without a doubt. Our work is transparent from start to finish.

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