How to Recycle: A Better Fresno For Everyone!

How to Recycle: A Better Fresno For Everyone!

With recycling becoming more and more necessary to care for our environment, APA Junk Removal wants to assist you with all the information we can regarding recycling. Working on waste management has taught us how important it is to dispose of waste properly and now, we’ll teach you how to recycle.

Sorting Waste for Recycling.

Sorting your waste is crucial to learn how to recycle. A misplaced object can contaminate a whole batch of materials and prevent them from being recycled. We’ll teach you how to make recycling more effective by sorting your waste properly.

We’ve all heard of the main four categories of recyclables: paper, glass, plastic, and metal. These materials can be recycled and need to be separated from your waste, yet don’t rush to throw them in the recycling bin because there’s more sorting to be done but it won’t take long.

It has happened to the majority of us that material we thought was recyclable, isn’t. The tricky part when sorting your items is that you need to know which ones are fit for recycling. There are items within some of these categories that can’t be recycled. We’ll show you what can or can’t be recycled from these categories.


Plastics are the most complex ones, so we’ll start there. All plastics come with a label with the recycling symbol on it with a number in the center or letters in certain cases. This label indicates if the item can be recycled and they go from one to seven, the lower the number, the easier it is to recycle.

Not all recycling facilities accept all the types of plastics but at Fresno, recycling facilities take every number from 1 to 7 except for number 6 plastics. Some plastics tend to be mistaken as others because they look alike even if they’re not in the same category. Always check the number before putting them in your recycling bin.


There are two types of metals you can recycle: aluminum and bi-metals. Bi-metals are typically made of steel and tin.


Glass is a great material for recycling. Typically, glass containers don’t need to be categorized, just make sure you don’t pour a broken glass in your container because it won’t be accepted.


There are a few doubts regarding this category as if the cardboard is also a recyclable material. In this case, they both are and we classify them the same way. Paper or cardboard items that were in contact with food and have a grease stain can’t be recycled.

Treating Recyclables Before Disposal.

Plastics don’t have to be 100% cleaned to be recycled, but with just a little bit of treatment from your part, you make this process even more efficient.

Check out the condition of your items. Most recycling facilities only accept objects with no significant damage or when they aren’t combined with other substances so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

Give all of your recyclables a quick rinse before you put them inside of your bin and they’ll be ready to go.

Recycling In Fresno with the Help of our Waste Management & Removal Services.

APA Junk Removal cares about our clients and our community. Being more conscious of our actions can help us make a positive impact together.

Our waste management and recycling services go hand in hand with your efforts to save the environment. We not only pick up junk but we also recycle waste to send less trash to a landfill.

Now that you know how to recycle, we’re certain we’ll be making big changes with small actions. You can continue learning more about recycling in Fresno with the Department of Public Utilities. Get in touch with us today to pick up your recyclables!

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