Trash Disposal of All Sorts in Fresno, CA

We Are the Secure & Efficient Way of Disposing of Your Trash.

Trash is diverse and it is produced every day in our properties. In fact, everything you own can become trash one day, meaning that there are a lot of types of trash and waste that come in all sizes. Not all trash can be handled and disposed of in the same way. Whatever the variation, what all trash has in common is that if you want to preserve your health and comfort, it has to go!

With American Pick Up Artist Junk Removal you can stop stressing out about trash. All you have to do is pick up the phone, give us a call and we’ll be right away to clean your property in no time!


We Are Devoted to Our Clients & The Environment.

Our services are safe and reliable in every aspect, even when you’re not supervising. We take extreme care of your property when performing the job and managing your waste responsibly. We recycle 60% of the trash we pick-up and dispose of the rest properly so your trash not only won’t contaminate and clutter your property anymore but also the environment you habit.

Diverse Solutions for Hassle-Free Trash Disposal.

There’s a lot of things to consider when disposing of trash, such as the nature of the materials, how you’re going to transport it and where, if it needs to be recycled and even if you require special permits. Sounds like disposing of your trash is a hassle right? Well not for us! We are a specialized pick-up artist and junk removal locally owned & operated a company that can handle all types of waste. Take a look for yourself:

General Junk Removal.

We provide junk removal services that can adjust to a diversity of needs, especially yours. Appliances & furniture of all sorts, mattresses, hot tubs, gazebos, carpets, BBQs, trash & junk, boxes & cardboard, leaves, tree trimmings, wood and many more are the things that we can dispose of.

Heavy or Dense Materials:

We’ll take the heavy lifting for you on materials such as gravel, sod, plaster, cement, brick, tiles, steel, metal, roof shingles, debris and more.

Construction Site Clean-Up:

Constructions & remodelings imply a lot of work, and cleaning up just seems to weight down the load, but you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We perform complete construction site cleanups so you can focus on getting the project done!

Dumpster Rental:

If renting a dumpster is more comfortable and accessible for you, by all means, do. Just make sure you count with a reliable dumpster rental company to pick up your trash once you’re done and without a doubt, APA Junk Removal can help you with that.

Other Services:

Foreclosure junk removal, storage unit cleanout, light demolition and REO properties are other services we offer so you don’t have to look everywhere for junk removal solutions. They’re all in one place!

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